Cream Cracker




PACK SIZEOriginal Cream Craracker 410G, Vege Crackers 380G


Not only is the taste of the cream cracker delicious with a crispy texture, it is also designed to be your mug's best friend! The perfect dip size cream cracker can be easily dipped into a cup of your favourite hot beverage. Can it get any better? Yes! The cream cracker is also designed for your convenience! It comes in easy-to-open convenient sachets that you can put anywhere and to be eaten at any time!.

Our crackers range from our NEW crunchier Cream Cracker (reformulated in a perfect dip size), including the delicious Sugar Cracker to the nourishing Vege Cracker (baked with vege bits) 

Eating crackers has never been this fun; even your cup wants to be a part of it!  So, get your Munchy's perfect dip size cream cracker now!