Crunchy on the outside, yummy on the inside.When the tough get going, get tougher with Munchy’s Lexus. A vegetable cracker that’s sandwich-packed with smooth, creamy filling or plain and simple, every cracker is jam-packed with calcium. Five delicious flavours ar......{readmore}

Not only is the taste of the cream cracker delicious with a crispy texture, it is also designed to be your mug's best friend! The perfect dip size cream cracker can be easily dipped into a cup of your favourite hot beverage. Can it get any better? Yes! The cream cracker is a......{readmore}

Just gotta pop it! Looking for a munch-on-the-go? Look no further. Munchy’s Mini cream sandwich is the ideal snack for those living in the fast lane and looking for an even faster snack. Now available in cheese, milk, or peanut butter flavours, each pack comes with mor......{readmore}

A treasure chest of unlimited fun!! Why settle for one, when you can have many? If you’re looking for more than one flavour with your snack, try Munchy’s assorted ranges. Just dip your hand into a Munchy’s assorted range and discover flavourful treats, from......{readmore}

Seduce your taste buds. Lose yourself in a state of euphoria with this divine treat. MUZIC NUSS is a chocolate wafer cube snack that embraces dollops of chocolate cream lovingly. Add a dash of chunky hazelnuts and you have a snack that’s made in heaven. One bite is all......{readmore}