Made with fresh cream – and a sprinkling of salt – Lurpak® Slightly Salted Butter has a legendary subtlety and freshness. Perfect when layered on toast, crumpets and baked potatoes, it melts before your eyes. In fact, toast just isn’t the same without i......{readmore}

Lurpak® Unsalted Butter is made from fresh cream and nothing else. It doesn’t contain any salt at all, so it’s perfect for people who like the taste of Lurpak® in it’s purest form and a healthier lifestyle. Like Lurpak® Slightly Salted, Lurpa......{readmore}

Lurpak® Spreadable Unsalted is the answer when you want to combine ‘salt-free’ health benefits with the convenience of being able to spread it straight from the fridge. What could be better for packing in the taste when making your kids’ lunches, whil......{readmore}

Some things are worth getting heavy about: good quality ingredients, buying food in season, and not overcooking a prime fillet of fish. Other things should be taken with a huge pinch of salt, namely: fad diets and dodgy eating plans. Fortunately, Lurpak® Spreadable o......{readmore}